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Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 23:02:15 -0700
From:  "Heidi D. Streetman" 
Subject: Re:Hopwood Cemetery, Hopwood PA

The following collection of inscriptions are a combination of my notes [in brackets] 
when I visited the cemetery and Imogene Headlee's notes, which were at the 
Uniontown Library in the genealogy library.  The information in parentheses ( ) 
below, are the notes she added to clarify who was who in the cemetery. She did 
not note inscriptions, her notes only contain the name and dates on the 
headstones.   Her notes were recorded in 1976. She states that "As a Bicentennial 
project, this cemetery was completely restored.  Almost 5 acres of dense thicket 
have been removed and where possible, tombstones have been put back in place.
Gravel walkways have been put in and ornamental trees and seedlings have been 
     Some of the headstones that must have been legible then, were not legible 
when I visited in Spring of 1999.  Evidently, due to the importance of the family 
with regard to the town history, John Hopwood's headstone is accompanied by a
larger one, that was placed there in 1991, commemorating the town's 
bicentennial.  The town was called Woodstock, originally, and named after John 
Hopwood after he relocated there.  The headstones of other family members that 
are near to his are fading with age.  I did my best to decipher them.  
They are as follows:

The first two headstones are the old and new ones for:
Hopwood, John, (Senior)
Departed this life June 2, 1802, aged 57 yrs.  
Revolutionary War Veteran, Aide-de-Camp to General Washington
Village Founder
Old inscription also reads:  He who can _________ a cottage or a throne
and alone with his spacious mind dwell

Buried next to him a small headstone with the initials H.H.

Fourth headstone:  In Memory of Nancy Deford who departed this life
Nov. 30 A.D. 1815 aged 33

To the right of Nancy's headstone are two small headstones, initials H.H. and M.H.

Hopwood, Hannah H.  Wife of John Hopwood.
(not dated)
[listed on same stone with Moses, below]
Hopwood, Moses, (Sr.)  Born Apr. 22, 1772 at Dumfries, VA
Died Mar. 21, 1857 (only son of John Hopwood)
[has an emblem that reads:  Old Father]

Hopwood, Moses, (Jr.)  Died Sept. 25, 1867, Aged 69 yrs., 9 days

Hopwood, Monroe   (Headlee's notes say:  Died Dec. 6, 1871)  
My notes are:  The stone was really hard to read, but it contained a War of 1812
 Memorial Marker, and said "defender".  
The date was almost illegible, but appeared to me to say 
1751 and "in the 57th year of his age".

[There were six little headstones with initials:
M. H.
M. H.
M. H.
M.M. H.]

Sacred to the Memory of Mehetabel Hopwood, wife of Moses, 
who departed this life  May 12, 1835, aged 24 years, 4 mo., 15 days

In memory of Mehetabel H.  daughter of Mehetabel and Moses
who departed this life August 17th, 1835 Age 4 Months, 16 days

Moses Hopwood, died Sept. 25, 1867 aged 69 years ___ [9?] days

Hopwood, Mary (C.) [My notes say "S."], 
daughter of M. & M. Hopwood.]
Died July 3, 1872 aged 30 years, 3 mo., 18 days

Elizabeth Hopwood, wife of Ewing E. Nair, 
died Aug. 8, 1872 age 32 yrs, and 15 days 
(Headlee says surname is Hair)

Mary Wife of Moses Hopwood, (Jr.) Born Oct. 9, 1812; died June 22, 1896

Milton son of M & M Hopwood, died May 11, 188_[?] (not listed in Headlee)

Louisa J. Hopwood  October 15, 1850 -Dec. 28, 1911

[one tiny illegible headstone]

Sacred to the Memory of Hannah Hopwood (Gaddis)   
Consort of Moses, (Sr.)  who departed this life Feb. 13, 1837, 
aged 60 years, 8 mo., 24 days "She died to live but lives no more"

In memory of Mary Hopwood, Daughter of Moses (Jr.) & 
Mehetabel, Died March 24, 1829, aged 6 mo., 23 days

In memory of Harriet Hopwood, Daughter of (Moses &)
Mehetabel, who departed this life June 25, 1832 aged 4 mo., 15 days

Hutchinson (Hopwood), Hannah M.  Wife of Wilson H. Hutchinson, 
Died March 27, 1877, aged 47 years.

In Memory of Monroe son of Moses and Mary Hopwood 
who departed this life April 4, 1844 aged 4 months.

Elizabeth Hopwood wife of Rev. Hays died Sept 25, 1883, age 20 [?] years

Moses Hays [illegible] died 1882 [looks like age 18 years]

Julia daughter of E & E Hays died July 18, 1869, 24 years old

Lizzie [looks like Dawson] tiny headstone with daffodil [illegible]

Heidi Streetman
transcriptions 1999

End of HOPWOOD-D Digest V01 Issue #9