The WOODS Family

Ascension Parish, Louisiana


There is a distinctly strong relationship between the Woods family and that of the Cannons of Ascension Parish circa 1830's onward.


Marie Woods is married to Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr. in 1837 in St. Landry Parish.  Their children are: 

--Marguerite b. Dec. 5, 1839 (Source: Hebert v. 3 citing GC Ch.: v. 1, p. 170)
--Jean b. 23 May 1841(Source: Hebert v. 4 citing GC Ch.: v. 1, p. 182)
--Marie Anne b. 28 July 1842 (Source: Hebert v. 4 citing GC Ch.: v. 1, p. 197)
--Martin Ansil Cannon, Jr. b. 1845 (who married Ada Bullock. He served in the Civil War in Ogden's Cavalry and died in 1899) His parents' names are listed on his gravestone (Source: CEAP)
--Michel Thomas, b. 1846 (source: births BRCCR, v6).


In 1858, when Marie Woods’ daughter, Margaret (Diocese records state she is daughter of Marcelin Cannon, not Martin) marries Tobias Settoon, the people who sponsor her in the Church are James Woods (Marie’s brother) and John Cannon (Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr.’s brother).


When John Cannon and Catherine Maurin have their daughter Marie Eugenie baptized in the church in 1854, Marianne Woods is the sponsor.


When John and Catherine Maurin have their daughter Elizabeth, baptized in the church in 1859, Dwight Woods and Marguerite Cannon are the sponsors.


When Martin M. Cannon marries Eliska Melancon in 1887, witnesses on the marriage license are James Woods and John Cannon (Martin M.’s father).


James Woods, who was Marie’s brother, also had a son named James, who in turn also named his son James.  James Woods, nephew of Marie, is buried with Martin Ansil Cannon’s family in Richardson Cemetery in St. Amant, Louisiana.  Similarly, Marie’s nephew’s son’s wife, Nellie Burnice Woods, is also buried there.


In the Mormon Family History Library online, records, there is a Woods family listed that I believe is that of Marie Woods.  Parents are:  Patrick Woods, born 1792 in Ireland and Margaret Duffy, born 1796 in Ireland.  Children are listed as Mary J. Woods, born @ 1820; James born @ 1818.  He is listed as being married to Adelaid Leger.  The James Woods (b. 1842) who is buried in the Richardson Cemetery is the son of James Woods and Adelaid Leger. Other children of James Woods and Adalaide Legere are Elizabeth Woods born October 6, 1851, died age 1 year, 2 months and 6 days, buried at Cornerview Cemetery, Gonzales, Louisiana beside Lucinda Woods born May 12 1860 and died age 7 years, 7 months and six days. Their parents' names are listed on the tombstones.


Records at the Opelousas Courthouse confirm that Margaret DUFFY was the mother of Marie, James, Patrick, Ellen, Michael, and John. The record reads: 

WOOD, Patrick m. Marguerite DUFFY  Children:  Mary m. Martin CANNON, James; Patrick; Ellen; Michael & John        Succ. Dated Jan. 1838 (Opel. Ct. Hse:  Succ #849)


There is some question as to whether or not Patrick WOODS married a second time, to Sophia ANDRUS, as she is listed as the mother of Peter WOODS.  


The following information is what I have on the Woods family, so far.  It has been sent to me from other genealogists, so I do not have the original texts in which this data occurs.


The following information was taken from Father Hebert’s Southwestern Louisiana Records and contributed by respected researcher Stanley LeBlanc.


CANNON, Martin of Ireland (Laurent & Mary CANNON of Ireland) m. 15 June 1837

to Marie WOOD (GC Ch.: v. 1, p. 117)


CANNON, Martin  m. 9 June 1837  Mary WOOD (Opel. Ct. Hse. Mar. #57)


WOOD, Marie (Porter & Marguerite DAUPHEY) m. 15 June 1837 Martin CANNON of Ireland (GC Ch.: v. 1, p. 117)


WOOD, Mary m. 9 June 1837  Martin CANNON (Opel. Ct. Hse. Mar. #57)


WOOD, Patrick m. Marguerite DUFFY  Children:  Mary m. Martin CANNON, James; Patrick; Ellen; Michael & John        Succ. Dated Jan. 1838 (Opel. Ct. Hse:  Succ #849)


CANNON, Marguerite (Martin & Marie WOOD) b. 5 Dec. 1839 (GC Ch.: v. 1, p. 170)


CANNON, Jean (Martin & Marie WOOD) b. 23 May 1841 (GC Ch.: v. 1, p. 182)


CANNON, Marie Anne (Martin & Marie WOOD) b. 28 July 1842 (GC Ch.: v. 1, p. 197)


CANNON, Robert W.—Authorized to celebrate marriages in Louisiana dated 19 June 1843 (Frank. Ct. Hse. : v. 3, #243)


WOOD, William  m. 9 April 1845  to Mathilda Ann CARPENTER, widow of CANNON (Opel. Ct. Hse. Mar. #213)


CANNON, Alphonso m. 3 May 1851 Sophronia A. REED, widow of Leonard CULLOM (Opel. Ct. Hse. Mar. #845  ˝ )



Brenda Cannon Quave, descendant of Martin Ansil Cannon, has sent the following information:

Patrick Woods arrived in New Orleans 1/2/1832 on ship, Robert Pulsford (left Liverpool to New Orleans). Passengers:
Woods, Patrick with
Mary Ann
Patrick (child)

Succession of Patrick Woods St. Landry Parish, Opelousas, Louisiana July 17, 1856 Dr. Michael Woods, administrator minor child-Peter Woods (issue of Patrick Woods and Sophie Andrus)
Minor grandchildren in Ascension Parish:
Mary Ann
children of Martin Cannon and Mary Woods (deceased child of Patrick Woods)
Patrick Woods died 8 July 1855.  Marie Woods died around 1846 in Ascension Parish, Louisiana.

Heirs of Patrick Woods:
John Woods
Peter Woods (mother is Sophia Woods)
Ellen Woods
James Woods
Charles P. Woods
[and] Minor children of Martin Cannon and Mary Woods:
Marguerite Cannon
John Cannon
Martin Cannon
Mary Ann Cannon
[and] Sophia Andrus
, widow of Patrick Woods


[Mormon Family History Library online records submitted by Claude Henry Fourroux of Louisville, KY (mail to his address is returned unopened)

Mormon Family History numbers below:

Patrick Woods AFN:  2280-2WX

Margaret Duffy AFN:  2280-2X5]

Marie Woods AFN:  2280-2TJ

Martin Ansil Cannon:  AFN:2281-1PN]


1850 Census Information  Ascension Parish, Louisiana

Pg. 13 #67

Woods, James 2nd 32 M W

Adelaide 35 F W nee Adelaide Leger, birthplace: Louisiana

Neely, Ellen 25 F, W birthplace: Louisiana

Woods, Sarah 18 F W birthplace: Louisiana

James 3rd 10 MW birthplace: Louisiana

Ellenor 6, FW birthplace: Louisiana

Margaret 3 FW birthplace: Louisiana

Patrick 1m MW birthplace: Louisiana

Page 10, #47

Woods, James, Sr. 70 MW Labourer birthplace: Ireland


1860 Census Ascension Parish, Louisiana

No. 206

Woods, James 42 M farmer   birthplace: Ireland

Adeline 42 F               birthplace: Louisiana

James 18 M                birthplace: Louisiana

Elenor 16 F                birthplace: Louisiana

Margaret 13 F           birthplace: Louisiana

John 3 M                    birthplace: Louisiana

William 1 M               birthplace: Louisiana

No. 568

Woods, Patric[k] 40 M laborer  birthplace:  Ireland

            Margaret 30 F                       birthplace:  Ireland

            Andrew  3 M                          birthplace: Louisiana

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