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Welcome to the site for Cannon family history
in Ascension Parish, Louisiana!
The Cannon's are my mother's
line. The second generation of Cannons
in the parish married into the Melancon line,
thus making descendants
an Irish/Cajun gumbo.

Sources, abbreviations and what they stand for:

CEAP= Monograph/book by Doris Millet Melancon and Elsie Moore Little: The Cemeteries of East Ascension Parish, Louisiana.(1990) Published by the authors. Library of Congress Number: 91193372

EMCS=my mother, daughter of Ernest Martin and Riller Cannon

MGF=Mary Grace Fuller, daughter of George H., son of Martin M. Cannon, letters and printed obituaries collected/contributed by Mary Grace Fuller

1920 Census


Martin M. CANNON and Marie Eliska MELANCON & Family

Martin M. Cannon was the son of Catherine MAURIN and John Cannon. The church records are confusing, but according to the family, he was born in 1863, in Ascension Parish, and was 50 at the time of his death, in an infamous shooting, August 10th, 1913. He married Marie Eliska Melancon on 31 August 1887.

Marie Eliska Melancon was the daughter of Richard MELANCON and Marie Virginie BRAUD. Marie Eliska Melancon was born 1 March 1870, near Baton Rouge. She died February 5th, 1951 of second and third degree burns a few days after being injured when her nightgown caught fire.
Martin and Eliska had 13 children, all born in Acy, Louisiana. The children of Martin Marion Cannon and Marie Eliska Melancon were:
-- Thomas Nicolas b. 1889, died 16 Jan. 1975 (resident of Norco, Louisiana), married Lillian Hunt

-- Ernest Martin (my grandfather) b. 18 April 1890, died 18 October 1965 in Houston TX, married Rilla (also spelled “Riller”) Breashears 25 July 1913

-- Catherine "Kattie" b. 20 March 1892, died 28 Sept.1964, married H. Allen DeArmond in 1917

-- Mary Margaret b. 12 March 1893, died 2 Oct. 1918, married Joe Rogers in 1913

-- John Richard, b. 29 June 1896, died 15 Sept. 1970, married to Vivian Viola McDonough**

-- George Howard, b. 4 June 1900, died 2 Dec. 1993 resident of Sorrento, Louisiana
married to Martha Ida Pertuis

-- Sara b. ? died 1925? (I cannot find her tombstone, and she is not buried with her husband and son, Algae), married Paul Petite in 1918

-- Carrie b. 13 Sept 1902, died 13 Feb 1973, married J. William H. Myers in 1926

-- Velma Francis b. 1905, died 16 Aug. 1986, married Alfred Joe Carpenter in 1922

-- Julia b. 23 Sept. 1906, died 1 Jan. 1963, married Milton Stevens in 1926 and divorced him

-- Julian b. 23 Sept. 1906, died 7 August 1936 in Gonzales, Louisiana from injuries received when hit in the head by a railroad tie or pipe during a construction project

-- Joseph Arnold "Aynaud" b. 1908, died 5 Dec. 1979 in St. Amant, Louisiana married Grace Collier in 1931

-- Chester Achille "Uncle Chek" b. 29 April 1912, died 19 Aug. 1980, married Mildred McDonough**, second marriage to Clare Clouarte

**Vivian V. and Mildred McDonough were sisters. The Cannon brothers reportedly met them while the men worked in the mines in Ohio. I do not know where these mines were located.