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Welcome to the site for Cannon family history
in Ascension Parish, Louisiana!
The Cannon's are my mother's
line. The second generation of Cannons
in the parish married into the Melancon line,
thus making descendants
an Irish/Cajun gumbo.

Sources, abbreviations and what they stand for:

BRCCR = Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records

BM = Bobby Marchand's book: The Story of Acy, Lousiana, published independently by the author in 1998 and occasionally since.

CEAP= Monograph/book by Doris Millet Melancon and Elsie Moore Little: The Cemeteries of East Ascension Parish, Louisiana.(1990) Published by the authors. Library of Congress Number: 91193372

EMCS=my mother, daughter of Ernest Martin and Riller Cannon

MGF=Mary Grace Fuller, daughter of George H., son of Martin M. Cannon

APMI=Ascension Parish Marriage Index and licenses (ordered from the parish clerk)

Hebert=Rev. Donald J. Hebert, Southwest Louisiana Records, Volumes 3 & 4 (records contributed by Rita Doiron Mooney)

Martin Ansil CANNON, Sr.

The Cannons who settled in Ascension Parish, Louisiana in the 1840's,originally came from Galway, Ireland. They seem to have arrived in Louisiana sometime in the 1820's or 1830's, first appearing in records for St. Landry Parish. It is possible that they came to the U.S. as Potato Famine immigrants. The first record located thus far, that is definitely this line, is about Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr.'s marriage to Marie Woods.

Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr. & Marie Woods

In Volume 3 of Southwest Louisiana Records (1831-1840), by Rev. Donald J. Hebert, it is recorded that Martin Cannon of Ireland (Laurent & Mary Cannon of Ireland) married 15 June 1837 Marie Woods (GC Ch. : v. l, p. 117). They were in St. Landry Parish.

In that same (Hebert) volume, there is what looks like the civil marriage record of this same couple as follows: Cannon, Martin married 9 June 1837 Mary Woods (Opelousas Court House: Mar #57) (These records contributed by Rita Doiron Mooney)
This Martin is Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr., who relocated to Ascension Parish with his wife, Marie (Woods). Martin Ansil Cannon Sr., is responsible for one line of Cannons in Ascension Parish. His brother, John, who was married to Catherine Maurin, is responsible for the other.
Martin Ansil Cannon Sr. and Marie Woods' children were:

--Marguerite b. Dec. 5, 1839 (Source: Hebert v. 3 citing GC Ch.: v. 1, p. 170)
--Jean b. 23 May 1841(Source: Hebert v. 4 citing GC Ch.: v. 1, p. 182)
--Marie Anne b. 28 July 1842 (Source: Hebert v. 4 citing GC Ch.: v. 1, p. 197)
--Martin Ansil Cannon, Jr. b. 1845 (who married Ada Bullock. He served in the Civil War in Ogden's Cavalry and died in 1899) His parents' names are listed on his gravestone (Source: CEAP)
--Michel Thomas, b. 1846 (source: births BRCCR, v6)(nothing further is known about him).

Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr. & Mary Jane Fairbanks

Marie apparently died, and Martin Ansil Sr. remarried. In Bobby Marchand's book of oral histories of Acy, Louisiana, Marchand states: "Ansil Cannon, Sr.'s wife having died after bearing their only son, Ansil, Jr., left Ansil, Sr. a young eligible bachelor who later married Mary Jane Fairbanks in 1850. They had four children. They are Lawrence, Elizabeth, Andrew, and George. Ansil, Sr. died of Dengue Fever in Acy, at the age of 46." (BM, p. 79) It appears from this statement that Michel Thomas may not have survived beyond infancy.
The oral history does not correlate with Catholic Church and burial records. Marchand's source of information did not know that Martin Ansil, Sr. had been married more than once, and thus, was confused about the children's mother(s).
Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr. (parents are Lorence and Judith Canon) married 18 January 1850 Marie Jane Fairbanks(Benjamin FAIRBANKS and Abagail STURGES(BRCCR, v. 7, p. 187)(ASC 10, 293)
Their only child was: --Elisabeth b. 1853 (v. 8 BCCR, p. 127) (CEAP, p. 190)(Elisabeth is buried near Lorence and a group of his Cannons, and with other Fairbanks and Bullocks, see CEAP, p. 189-191)

Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr. & Marie Fabien

If Martin Ansil Sr. was the father of Andrew and George as well as Elizabeth, Martin and Michael, then, Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr. had a third marriage to Marie Fabien. I have no church record for this. What we do have is the birth records of their children:
--Andrew J. and --George W. (twins) b. 1855
--Julia b. 1859 (source: BRCCR, v. 9)
This would be Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr.'s third and final marriage. He died July 4th, 1858 (CEAP, p. 20) thus, prior to Julia's birth, but not too early to have fathered Julia. He is buried in Cornerview Cemetery and his tombstone states his birth year as 1812.