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Welcome to the site for Cannon family history
in Ascension Parish, Louisiana!
The Cannon's are my mother's
line. The second generation of Cannons
in the parish married into the Melancon line,
thus making descendants
an Irish/Cajun gumbo.

Sources, abbreviations and what they stand for:

BRCCR = Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records

BM = Bobby Marchand's book: The Story of Acy, Lousiana, published independently by the author in 1998 and occasionally since.

CEAP= Monograph/book by Doris Millet Melancon and Elsie Moore Little: The Cemeteries of East Ascension Parish, Louisiana.(1990) Published by the authors. Library of Congress Number: 91193372

EMCS=my mother, daughter of Ernest Martin and Riller Cannon

MGF=Mary Grace Fuller, daughter of George H., son of Martin M. Cannon

John CANNON & Catherine MAURIN

Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr.'s brother, John Cannon, and John's wife, Catherine Maurin migrated to Ascenision Parish in the 1840's. They appear on the 1860 census, John at age 40 and Catherine, 26. On the census, both John and Catherine state their birthplace as Galway, Ireland. Also on the census is listed a son, Thomas, who is eleven years old. The place of his birth is indecipherable, due to bad enumerator handwriting, but appears to be either Massachusetts or Mississippi. I have not located records of these folks in either of these places, yet.

The children of John, son of Lorence and Marie Judith Canon and Catherine Maurin are:
--Thomas b. 1849 (in Mississippi or Massachusetts)died mysteriously as a teenager. He vanished on a hunting trip into nearby woods. His body was found some years later, sitting under a tree with the rifle across his knees. There was no sign of cause of death. It is believed that he simply got lost in the woods.

--Marie Eugenie b. 1853 in Ascension Parish(v.8 BRCCR, p. 127)

--John Edward b. 1856 in Ascension Parish(v.8 BRCCR, p. 127) died in an infamous shooting incident in Brittany, Louisiana with one son, Warren, age 17 in 1914. They were killed by Joseph and Eddie Bayham. John Edward Cannon's son, William, 21 in 1914, survived the shooting incident.

--Margaret Elisabeth Cannon b. 1858 in Ascension Parish(v.9 BRCCR, p. 113)(p. 192 CEAP says born "1859")

--Martin Michael b. 1859 in Ascension Parish(v.9 BRCCR, p. 113)

***There is some discrepancy between when this Martin M. was born and when Martin M., husband of Eliska Melancon was said to have been born. Eliska's husband was said to be age 50 at the time of his death, in 1913. His middle name is said to have been Marion, not Michael. So, either this is the birth record for Eliska's husband, and his name is recalled incorrectly, or another child was born in 1863 and named Martin Marion Cannon. I am speculating that the first Martin may have died in infancy, and the second Martin was born in 1863. The other theory I have is that due to foggy recall and limited literacy/numeracy, Martin M. who was killed in 1913, may have been four years older than believed at the time of his death. There is no birth record for a child born to this couple in 1863, but that was the Civil War era, so record-keeping may have been disrupted. I have confirmed through family members, however, that this is the family to which Martin M., husband of Eliska, belonged. Eliska's husband, Martin M. died, at his home, in an infamous shooting incident, in 1913, killed by Elliot Powers.