Heidi's Pics of Jim*bo

1983 Keystone Days

*Telemarking at Keystone February

      Jim at Keystone Summit

*M*A*S*H Party February

      Jim, Dave, Flick & Pat

      Jim's Radical Shades

      Jim & Heidi

*Road trip to Aspen, June


      Jim Does Aspen

      Gandhi Moment with Sue & Heidi

      Blowing Soap Bubbles







Jim, Keystone, CO January 1983

1984-1990 Boulder Days

*Jim & Dave (1984?)

*Jim, Sue, Dave & Heidi 1985

*Hiking the Flatirons with Heidi 1985 I & II

*Easter BBQ (1986?)

      Jim & Phil

      BBQ Buns

      A Boy and his Grill

*Jim, Sue, Dave, Heidi & Sue's niece 1987

*Ice Skating at Keystone Christmas 1988 I & II

*Hiking in Rocky Mtn. National Park 1990

*Zeile, John, Jim & Heidi 1990

*Zeile, John, Jim & Yan Feng 1990


After Boulder


*1996 Christmas in Broomfield

*Jim & Christine's Wedding

      Jim & Christine!

      Jim, Dave, Sue, John & Heidi

Jim's Note from Visiting Seattle July 2005


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