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Welcome to the site for Cannon family history
in Ascension Parish, Louisiana!
The Cannon's are my mother's
line. The second generation of Cannons
in the parish married into the Melancon line,
thus making descendants
an Irish/Cajun gumbo.

Sources, abbreviations and what they stand for:

BRCCR = Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records

BM = Bobby Marchand's book: The Story of Acy, Lousiana, published independently by the author in 1998 and occasionally since.

CEAP= Monograph/book by Doris Millet Melancon and Elsie Moore Little: The Cemeteries of East Ascension Parish, Louisiana.(1990) Published by the authors. Library of Congress Number: 91193372

EMCS=my mother, daughter of Ernest Martin and Riller Cannon

MGF=Mary Grace Fuller, daughter of George H., son of Martin M. Cannon


Ernest Martin Cannon was born 18 April 1890, to Martin M. Cannon and Eliska Melancon, in Acy, Louisiana. He married Riller Breashears on 25 July 1913.

Riller ("Rilla") was the daughter of Walter Joseph BREASHEARS and Sarah Annie DEVALL. The Breashears are from St. Mary's Parish, Louisiana (though apparently no two spell their names the same way!), and the Devalls from East Baton Rouge--the Devall Town area of Baton Rouge being named for this family.
Riller died on 19 March 1937, in Houston, Texas. Ernest Martin remarried to Emma Eikenhorst (2 February 1890-29 December 1965). They had no children.

Ernest and Riller's Children are:

Stella Mae, born 25 April 1914 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Married Ernest Robert "Stinkbomb" Hoppens 4 May 1935. Stella died 21 October 2000 and is buried with her husband (who died 16 November 1986). They are buried not far from her parents at Forest Park Cemetery, Lawndale Avenue, Houston, Texas.

Rachel Catherine was born 2 April 1920 Lutcher, Louisiana. She married and later divorced John Zaludek. She remarried Daniel Lee Whitworth. Rachel died 5 December 2000 in Killian, Louisiana, and is buried at Forest Park Cemetery, Lawndale Avenue, Houston, Texas.

Ernest Howard was born 23 February 1923 in Norco, Louisiana. He married and divorced Marriel Lucille Jarvis.He remarried to Beatrice, his wife at the time of his death in 2002, in Houston, Texas.

Ernest Martin was born 13 May 1925 in Louisiana. It is unclear as to whether or not he ever married. He died in Henderson, Texas in April 2004 and was cremated.

Two other children: born 1927 and 1929 are still living, therefore, their information is not posted, here.

J.C. a son, was born 2 April 1931 in Houston, Texas and died 16 December 1931. He is buried at Forest Park Cemetery, Houston, Section J., Lot 4.