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Welcome to the site for Cannon family history
in Ascension Parish, Louisiana!
The Cannon's are my mother's
line. The second generation of Cannons
in the parish married into the Melancon line,
thus making descendants
an Irish/Cajun gumbo.

Records contributed by and special thanks to: Polly Davis, Mary Grace Fuller, Erna Mae Streetman, Gay Nell Gibson, Marie McCoy, Rita Doiron Mooney and Stella Mae Hoppens.

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Early Cannons in Southern Louisiana

The Cannons who settled in Ascension Parish, Louisiana in the 1840's, originally came from Galway, Ireland. They seem to have arrived in Louisiana sometime during the 1830's, Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr.,first appearing in records for St. Landry Parish and cropping up in Ascension Parish records beginning in the 1840's. It is possible that they came to the U.S. as Potato Famine immigrants.

Of these Cannons, the two who initially migrated to Louisiana were brothers Martin Ansil Cannon, Sr. and John Cannon, sons of Lorence and Marie Judith Canon. These two brothers fathered the two lines that still exist in Ascension Parish. They may also have migrated with another brother, Thomas, as Church burial records indicate that a Thomas Cannon died in Ascension Parish,in 1849, originally a native of Roscommer, Ireland,(just next to Galway). They may have also had a sister named Margaret.